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Polleney® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar (6 bots x 70ml)
6 x 70ml / box
S$ 48.00S$ 38.80

POLLENEY® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar is made by double boiling 100% genuine premium quality cave swiftlet's nest together with rock sugar solution. The swiftlet's nest is meticulously hand cleaned before being hygienically processed under high temperature and vacuum-sealed to preserve its guaranteed freshness.

Bird's Nest

Bird's nest is considered as a supreme delicacy with nourishing properties by the Chinese and has been consumed in China for over a thousand years. Bird's nest are extremely valuable as it is only harvested from the nests of some specific swiftlets; the harvest is usually challenging and dangerous due to the swiftlet's natural habitats. This nourishing food consists of the saliva of the swiftlets, some glutinous strands of starch-like cementing substance used to construct and weave their nests. According to a medical research by the Hong Kong Chinese University, 'the cell division enzyme and hormone of Bird's nest can promote reproduction and regeneration of human cells. It also helps promote one's immune system and enhances body metabolism.'

POLLENEY® Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar may be consumed straight from the bottle at room temperature, chilled or warm according to your preference. Once bottle is opened, the entire contents should be consumed immediately.

Contains no stimulants, fat, chloesterol, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.